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  • FACT - The average small or medium sized business is owed around £27,000.

    FACT - They also wait an average of 39 days over and above the agreed terms to get paid.

    FACT - Often they don't get paid at all.

    Are you one of them?

    We specialise in providing small and medium sized businesses with credit control services – we don’t do anything else – it’s what we do.

    We will supply you with a dedicated credit controller to take care of and look after your account. We always act on your instructions and will never do anything, or take actions that are against your wishes.

    We deliver our credit control services in your Company name and tailor our package to your individual requirements.

    Our process is straight forward, simple, and successful.

    We have various tried, tested and proven procedures in place that are put into operation that DO WORK.

    For those of your customers who choose to ignore our requests for settlement, we also offer a Debt Collection Advice Service, in addition to our credit control services, which can take the recovery process to the next level by instigating proceedings for the legal recovery of the amount through the County Court system.

    It costs nothing to look, and it could well be the most profitable business decision you will ever make.

    Among the many benefits of using our credit control services are:

    • Improved Cash Flow – the key to any successful business no matter what the size of the business
    • Reduction in outstanding invoice values
    • Improved collection times – we follow a procedure that tracks your invoice from issue to collection
    • Accurate cash flow forecasts
    • No need to employ staff or arrange cover for sickness or holidays
    • Improved Customer Relations


    All businesses can benefit from outsourcing their credit control functions and saving money and increasing profits by improving cash flow and reducing overheads.