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  • Cost Saving Expert provide market-leading cost reduction services specialising in cost saving solutions and spend reduction for small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

    Our expertise and reputation are based on our many years of experience in saving money for businesses.

    Our individual cost saving consultancy service can be tailored to your exact requirements and is typically around 40-50% cheaper than our competitors, which, when coupled with our professional customer service, makes us first choice for so many businesses.

    Our aim is to help companies in reducing their costs. Even when your business has obtained the best deal in the open market, we are usually able to help with a further reduction in price. We do not receive any commission from sales or introductions, giving you a truly independent review of your current spending.

    Cost Saving Expert are the market leaders in providing cost reduction services for driving down costs for small and medium sized businesses and this is reflected in our cost effective pricing compared to our competitors.

    We have extensive knowledge of business having direct experience in Information Technology, online and offline marketing, sales, legal, banking, retail, sports, manufacturing, automotive and insurance sectors.

    Full details at www.CostSavingExpert.com

    What makes us different?

    1. Expertise - we identified the need for external cost analysis a long time ago to help our clients seek better deals but also to offer them reassurance when researching deals that their own processes are working and effective.

    2. Value for money - we are by far the cheapest provider of this type of service. We maintain this by only working with companies that we can offer our full service to. Most of our competitors only want to work with the larger businesses as they are more interested in selling large consultancy packages for many days or weeks of support.

    3. Exceptional Service - We offer very friendly, approachable but professional cost reduction services where nothing is too much trouble. We like to work by the old traditional values that many large corporates now overlook.


    • Our Vision is "to be the market leader in cost reduction services, with analysis and advice for businesses in the UK"
    • Our Mission is "to deliver consistently excellent value through savings to effectively make our service have no cost to your business."
    • Our Aim is "to continually exceed the expectations of our customers."
    • Our Promise is "to always deliver what we have committed to for our customers."