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  • About Us

  • Ian A Tough

    Owner & Principal

    Basic Office Support Services (BOSS) is owned, managed and lead by Ian Tough, an Accountant with many years’ experience of dealing with all small business matters. During that time he has worked in a wide variety of industries, gaining valuable in-depth knowledge of each, and this helped in putting together the package that BOSS offers to its clients. The team that Ian leads has over 40 years experience of dealing with small businesses and their financial affairs. Having seen a multitude of different accounting, bookkeeping and administration systems in operation, has given him an understanding for what works and what is the best for the small business today.

    It is this inside knowledge and understanding that has led to the creation of the systems used in the services that we offer our clients today.

    We have brought seven sister businesses together under the BOSS umbrella to offer a unique and specialised selection of services to the small business sector.

    We aim our services fairly and squarely at the small business community, and because we ourselves are a small business, we consider ourselves to be on the same wavelength as you, we can see things from your perspective as well. As a small business, providing a service, we are able to see both sides of the coin and have devised the systems we operate accordingly, based on our unique insights.

    At the end of the day, our sole aim is to provide a professional, practical and down to earth service to our clients.

    The services and packages that we offer and provide to our clients are always tailored to their own individual requirements and never pre-packaged or “imposed” on them.

    All the staff and associates who provide our services are fully trained and professional in their approach to their tasks and are regularly assessed for customer care and support, thereby ensuring that they are always courteous and respectful to clients at all times.

    So, what can BOSS help you with today?